Jobs `n` Sports

Sport is the focus: the focal point on the sports equipment. No moves. Static for a shot in the moment. Concentrated. No face is shown, the person stays anonymous and merges with their hobby and the photography. The background is harmonized with the equipment by limiting the color content. The photography work of Dortmunder photographer, Isabella Thiel, reflects sports in a stylish presentation. Team sports such as football or handball and individual sports such as running, golf, boxing, fencing, badminton or gymnastics are reduced to the fundamentals of their nature.

“Dortmund not only has a successful football club but also many other sports activities that play a huge role in the community” describes Isabella Thiel, as the inspiration behind the pictures.  The connection of sports to the business day is very important to Thiel. This variety of activities provides a sport for everyone’s taste.  For most of her pictures, Thiel is able to find active athletes mostly through the chamber of “audalis”.


Isabella Thiel is 30 years old and is from Poland. She focused on portrait photography early in her career and for the past six years, the studied photographer has made her passion for photography the main focus of her professional career. Thiel’s unique sports photography has been of interest for many applications. The University of Dortmund has used her photographs since 2004 for their sports magazine as well as being used as a book cover for a well know publishing house. Her best known works are “Matki Pokji”, a photographical portrait of polish mothers, and “Bankgeheimnis” which connects people and places within a picture.